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love until your hands bleed

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” ~Ferdinand Foch




I want to walk barefoot
in a place where barefoot has no name
in a place where soul on Earth
is natural
a place where toes in soil
is common as
true love
and birth.

I want to walk barefoot
in the hills of a hidden holy land
and stare at sunsets with people who
know sunrise isn't guaranteed
in a place where the evening news speaks of tides,
the waning moon and rainforests wild as Oya's dance
in a place where shoe and umbrella are curse words
where dahlias and pearls adorn every head.

I want to walk barefoot
in cities without streets
where admiration is a deep silence
and conversations are replaced by the eloquence of eyes
barefoot in a place
where excuses are not enforced in law books
where there is no law
only that which is right.

When these places leave tracks
I follow their footsteps
but they always lead me to the sands
of my own spirit
I stand in the middle of myself
bowing to the Mecca I know
the sight of me
strolling barefoot
into my own life
leaving behind thieves and tyrants
trying to control it.

~Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie


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